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Create, manage and visualize the internal structure of your company, the roles and the different teams and departments.

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Create your own corporate organization charts

Creation of corporate organization charts.

RecursosVisuales Create your own hierarchical or flexible organization chart in a matter of seconds.

RecursosVisuales Generate as many organizational charts as you need regardless of the number of employees or sites your company has.

RecursosVisuales Visualize your organization chart depending on the needs of the company (by people, position, departments, or responsibilities).

RecursosVisuales Design your organization charts and automatically define which employees have access to certain information. Even the organization chart itself.

Flexible organization charts

RecursosVisuales Development of interdepartmental projects with more than one responsible or leader. Very useful for groups of companies, companies with several projects or multiple work centers in several locations or countries.

RecursosVisuales Matrix or mixed organization charts through the creation of work groups.

RecursosVisuales Ability to include certain people who are not part of your company structure (gig worker).

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Automated update

Automatic updating of organization charts

RecursosVisuales OpenHR's filtered organization charts allow you to keep your company's structure up to date, taking into account the additions and deletions that may occur.

RecursosVisuales Your shared and inter-departmental organization charts are always automatically updated.

Everything in one platform

No need to resort to external programs to create the different organizational charts.

RecursosVisuales OpenHR offers you the possibility of adapting your own organization charts without the need to resort to another program to generate them.

RecursosVisuales If you already use any external tool (Excel, Power Point or any other system) easily import the data into OpenHR from any spreadsheet or file/table of information exchange.

RecursosVisuales Export data to proprietary organization chart design programs so you can visualize it your way.

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