Implement your Equality Plan

OpenHR helps you plan, design, and implement the mandatory Equality Plan. Help your company achieve gender equality by promoting, strengthening and developing full equality of treatment and opportunities for women and men thanks to OpenHR Equality.

plan de igualdad


carta de compromiso

Commitment letter

Create a letter of commitment from the company.

Equality Commission

Create the equality commission for your company, and involve your organization by making public your intention to develop your Equality Plan thanks to OpenHR's Internal Communication system. 



comision de igualdad
herramientas igualdad

Tools for equality management

Collect the most relevant data to develop your Equality Plan, through the tools that OpenHR puts at your disposal (surveys, forms, objective reports and suggestion boxes), which will allow us to get effective feedback from employees.

Evaluates the 9 points of the Equality Plan

Evaluate the 9 points included in the Equality Plan Law, and register those others you want to manage.

RecursosVisuales Selection and hiring process.

RecursosVisuales Professional classification.

RecursosVisuales Training.

RecursosVisuales Professional promotion.

RecursosVisuales Working conditions, including salary audit between women and men.

RecursosVisuales Co-responsible exercise of personal, family and work life rights.

RecursosVisuales Underrepresentation of women.

RecursosVisuales Remuneration.

RecursosVisuales Prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment.

evaluacion plan de igualdad
identificacion igualdad

Identify improvement points and their corrective actions

Assigns implementation time, responsible person and budget (if necessary). Receives effective feedback from project managers.

Follows up on established measures

Check the degree of development of the measures and make an assessment of the results obtained.
medidas igualdad
registro salarial

Salary record

Keep a complete salary record for your organization.

Update your Equality Plan

The corrective measures may be modified/updated in the equality plan as analyzed in the follow-up.
actualizacion igualdad


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