Document Management

Speeds up and improves workflows through a document management system with integrated digital signature that allows the location, management, safeguarding and storage of the information necessary for the automation of human resources processes.

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We adapt our solutions to your company

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Location of documents

Powerful indexing system allows you to search and locate the information you need

RecursosVisuales Search for any document that has been shared in a matter of seconds.

RecursosVisuales Search for documents via document name, creation date, or by author.

Proper document repositories

Organizes, orders, and centralizes all documents in the organization.

RecursosVisuales Regulates the processing of information to have absolute control of access to documents.

RecursosVisuales Upload as many documents as you need and organize them by folders to facilitate access to all the information.

RecursosVisuales Quickly upload documents by company, center, projects, etc. or directly to an employee. Without wasting time.

RecursosVisuales Organize documents that are essential for your company (payrolls, cancellations, registrations, IDs, Expense Notes, Interdepartmental Project Documents, ...) in the right places.

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Document management integrated into your company's workflow.

Reliable review system of the status of certain work processes that can be automated.

RecursosVisuales OpenHR's automatic workflow will allow you to keep track of incomplete tasks, know those that have already been completed and automate repetitive tasks that will save time for the organization.

RecursosVisuales Through notifications (email, SMS, Whatsapp, push notifications, or SLA status control system) managers will be able to be aware of the status of documents.

RecursosVisuales Traceability of documents to the root. With the document management system you will be able to know who has signed the documents, if they have been approved or rejected within the workflow, or who and when they have been opened.

Document signatures

Unlimited signatures within the OpenHR system.

RecursosVisuales  Thanks to the cryptographic hash function, users will be able to sign documentation in OpenHR digitally. The security of your data, a priority for us.

RecursosVisuales  Digitized handwritten signature and web included.

RecursosVisuales  Request the signature of one single employee or massively for an specific document.

RecursosVisuales  Request the signature in bulk for the same type of document.

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documentos compartidos

Shared documents

Share the documents you are most interested in

RecursosVisuales  Upload documents for all employees or for specific employees through filters (by name, position, work center, place of residence,...).

RecursosVisuales  Use OpenHR's Internal Communication system to share with employees the necessary documents.

Supported operating systems

RecursosVisuales  Ease of access from any operating system to the required documentation.

RecursosVisuales  Advanced Mobile. Access from mobile devices that allow entry from any location thanks to PWA technology.
sistemas operativos soportados

Software integration.

Integration of our software with other business management systems.

RecursosVisuales  OpenHR's document management system will be linked to the rest of the company's systems (CRM, ERP, Payroll, ...), making the Human Resources department work in a transversal and more effective way.

Integrated document management

Integrated document management within other Human Resources processes.

RecursosVisuales  Fully integrated document management system within other HR management processes (Recruitment, Training, Performance Appraisals, Onboarding, ...).

RecursosVisuales  Documents organized in the places where they need to be to enhance greater communication within the company.

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