Employee Self-Service Portal

Employees can access a single workspace to manage all their information and establish an effective communication channel with managers and the rest of the organization.

portal del empleado


espacio del empleado

Employee space

24-hour Cloud self-service to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

RecursosVisuales  Request vacations and absences.

RecursosVisuales Time and attendance records through OpenHR's time and attendance register.

RecursosVisuales Data from colleagues and the rest of the organization at hand according to permissions.

RecursosVisuales Personal data management.

RecursosVisuales Management of company documentation and digital signature (payroll, contracts, projects, etc.).

RecursosVisuales Review work schedules.

Simplifying processes

RecursosVisuales Training space. The employee will be able to keep track of the courses taken in the company, or consult them whenever necessary.

RecursosVisuales Completion of evaluations proposed by the company.

RecursosVisuales Access to the internal job bank

simplificacion de procesos
comunicacion interna - portal empleado

Internal communications

It offers the best tool for effective communication among employees and with managers. 

RecursosVisuales Direct communication channel with managers and other colleagues

RecursosVisuales Built-in chat.

RecursosVisuales Suggestions and ideas mailbox available to the employee.

RecursosVisuales Collaborative agenda between departments or groups within the company.

RecursosVisuales Bulletin board for employees and company.

RecursosVisuales System for sharing documents with other colleagues and managers.


Multidevice and Multi-language

RecursosVisuales Use OpenHR's Internal Communication system on any mobile device through our human resources app thanks to PWA (Progressive Web Application) technology. State-of-the-art native app.

RecursosVisuales Employees will be able to select the language or date and time of their choice. 
multiidioma multidispositivo


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