Expenses management

Forget about endless employee paperwork and spreadsheets, errors and delays in payment of expenses.

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Expense management

Design the concepts and amounts that can be applied by employees.

RecursosVisuales Customize the expense by employee or by groups of employees.

RecursosVisuales Change currency depending on the place where operations are performed.

Integrated workflow

OpenHR's workflow allows information to flow and be approved throughout the company's work chain.

RecursosVisuales  Possibility for the person in charge to approve each expense or make a massive approval to a group of expenses.

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Employees will be able to generate the expense directly from their cell phone at any time.

RecursosVisuales With OpenHR the employee will be able to take a photo of the expense ticket from the cell phone. The system will scan it and save it in the report.

RecursosVisuales Possibility of storing the geolocation, date and time of the entry in a secure way.

RecursosVisuales The employee can consult his expenses or a summary of expenses between the dates required.

Exporting data

With OpenHR you will be able to export the information to your payroll and ERP to easily invoice customers.
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