Employee Survey

A system that allows you to create your own surveys and assign them in a personalized way to employees, departments and work centers.




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Know the status of your organization

Launch short and recurring work climate surveys to know the state of your organization.

RecursosVisuales Measure the degree of satisfaction, motivation and happiness of your employees.

RecursosVisuales Increase productivity and Employee Experience.

RecursosVisuales Anonymous surveys.

RecursosVisuales Different models to create your satisfaction surveys. Do you need a different one? Ask us, our team will help you configure and design the surveys that best suit your organization.

Survey configuration

Configure surveys based on an objective, content or purpose.

RecursosVisuales  All types of surveys at your disposal (Work climate, Onboarding, Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), Psychosocial risk questionnaires, Organizational culture, Performance evaluation and staff needs, Training evaluation).

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Reporting and KPIs

Connect your surveys with scorecards or generate reports to get the full potential of the data obtained.

RecursosVisuales  Calculate turnover rates and other key indicators by interpreting the surveys at your disposal. Segment them in your own way by targeting them to the objectives of each department or project.


Use surveys to capture feedback from teams and identify what is not working or what could be improved.

RecursosVisuales  With OpenHR's survey system you will be able to get a 360º view of your organization and detect key points for improvement.

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