Internal Communication

Discover the internal communication tools that OpenHR makes available to Human Resources and employees. A unique workspace for sharing information.

comunicacion interna


sistema de comunicacion interna

Internal Communication System

OpenHR provides any company with an Internal Communication system through a series of tools to enhance communication in your organization.

RecursosVisuales Company bulletin board - Relevant web bookmarks.

RecursosVisuales Documents to distribute with the organization. Template, style sheets, reports, corporate guides.

RecursosVisuales Images to share with staff (logos, corporate images,...)

RecursosVisuales Managers will be able to notify specific employees or groups of employees.

Internal interactivity

Continue to interact with a group of employees depending on responsibilities, ongoing projects, and position within the organization.

RecursosVisuales Direct communication channels with quick responses to employee inquiries.

RecursosVisuales Idea and suggestion boxes available to the entire organization.

RecursosVisuales Collaborative agenda between departments or groups within the company.

RecursosVisuales Publication spaces for the user in specific channels.

RecursosVisuales Direct consultation system between employee and manager. Conversation history for each figure.

RecursosVisuales News publication with segmentation and workflows.

RecursosVisuales Video interviews in deferred.

interactua con empleados
chat empresarial

Business chat

Business chat for a more agile communication.

RecursosVisuales Minimizes the use of e-mails and streamlines communications with the entire organization.

RecursosVisuales Establishes direct communication by departments and projects.

RecursosVisuales Managed by the same people in charge of the company.

RecursosVisuales External personnel. Includes associated gig workers, consultants and expert professionals to enhance knowledge.

RecursosVisuales Saves conversation history as a knowledge base.

Integration of mobile devices

Integrate mobile devices into your workforce notification system.

RecursosVisuales Use OpenHR's Internal Communication system on any mobile device through our HR app thanks to PWA (Progressive Web App) technology. State-of-the-art native apps

integracion moviles comunicacion
encuestas personalizables

Customizable surveys.

Revolutionize your company's survey system and build a better working environment to attract talent.

RecursosVisuales Launch short and recurring work climate surveys to know the state of your organization.

RecursosVisuales Set up surveys based on objectives, content or purpose.

RecursosVisuales Use surveys to capture feedback from teams and identify what things are not working or what things could be improved.

RecursosVisuales Set up surveys to build an effective remote workforce.

RecursosVisuales Connect your surveys with Dashboards or generate reports to get the full potential out of the data obtained.


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