The Onboarding module provides HR directors and managers with guidance on how to handle this critical initial phase and subsequent follow-up effectively.



onboarding presencial y remoto

Onboarding on-site and remote

OpenHR offers its employee onboarding model in two modalities: Onboarding face-to-face and Onboarding remote.

RecursosVisuales Planning: Prior to the first day.

RecursosVisuales Start-up: During the first day.

RecursosVisuales Verify: After the first week of work.

RecursosVisuales Act: After the first week. After 4 to 8 weeks.


RecursosVisuales Allows the new employee to read and sign the company's operating procedures.

RecursosVisuales Requests permissions, keys, passwords, even keys or access cards in case of face-to-face work to access the company's facilities or building.

RecursosVisuales Provides devices with acknowledgement of receipt.

RecursosVisuales Deliver equipment and materials with acknowledgement of receipt.

RecursosVisuales Share the company's organization chart. Know who is who in the organization.

RecursosVisuales Develops a welcome pack.

RecursosVisuales Plan initial training and develop a training program.

RecursosVisuales New employee information through OpenHR's internal communication system.

RecursosVisuales Communicates internal regulatory procedures; absences and leaves; and any other relevant procedures.

RecursosVisuales Create automatic messages within the onboarding process.

RecursosVisuales Action tracking checklists and workflow automation.

funcionalidades onboarding


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