Performance evaluation and objectives Software

Set up and manage employee evaluations, and customize your performance evaluation software according to your model.

evaluacion del desempeno


modelos de evaluacion del desempeno

Different evaluation models

Define your evaluation model according to your needs.

RecursosVisuales Customizable evaluations with multiple answers.

RecursosVisuales Self-service, 360º, 180º and 270º.

RecursosVisuales According to objectives, by competencies, OKRs, .....

RecursosVisuales Define more than one evaluation model per employee.

RecursosVisuales Define factors and sub-factors and choose how to score and weight the answers automatically.

Management by Objectives (MBO)

Evaluates employee performance based on overall, group or individual objectives.

RecursosVisuales Sets SMART objectives that are measurable, clear, realistic, assignable and time-based.

RecursosVisuales Analyzes the objectives to be achieved by employees and generates conversations to achieve improvements in their development.

gestion por objetivos
026-desempeno multidispositivo


Perform and review evaluations from any device.

RecursosVisuales Easy-to-complete, agile and user-friendly surveys and reviews.

RecursosVisuales Review forms in a single place that can be accessed from your computer or mobile device, thanks to OpenHR's PWA technology.

RecursosVisuales Send notifications within the workflow once the different phases of the process are completed.

RecursosVisuales Direct consultation system between employee and manager. Conversation history for each figure.

Customized reports and dashboards.

RecursosVisuales Create customized reports by employees, work centers, groups. With global vision for centers in other countries.

RecursosVisuales Gaps by competencies, to be able to design your selection processes, training, work climate surveys, salary recommendations, .....

RecursosVisuales Performance reports by groups or individuals.

RecursosVisuales Use reports from the nine-box model and the skill set matrix to see at a glance the talent, potential and performance of employees.

conexion con cuadro de mando
evaluacion por competencias

Evaluates by competences

RecursosVisuales Create your own corporate competency guide and catalog that guides the supervisor and employee to better understand the purpose of the assessment.

RecursosVisuales Label a set of skills for specific employees.

RecursosVisuales Detect skill gaps with which to develop training, selection, and survey processes.


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