From OpenHR you can generate a form with a built-in workflow system, which can be done at the work center and approved in HR, and then sent to the payroll manager/advisor.




creacion de datos

Creation of data

The company fills in the data of the new employees that are not already collected in OpenHR.

Creation of the entry form

A form is created to do severance pay, vacation days due, and other issues specific to the job position.

formulario de entrada


An entry is generated so that the employee or the person in charge of the company can inform OpenHR of the different processes, and can add the corresponding leave or discharge reports. The system notifies the Payroll Advisor/Payroll Manager when an employee leaves or joins the company.

Exporting the information

All incidents approved by the company are collected and sent for processing in the payroll. Travel expenses, advances, bonuses, etc.
exportacion de la informacion

Importing data

The data will be loaded into OpenHR when the actual data is exported from the payroll, once the data has been checked.

Scheduled Report

Scheduled report of alerts to warn the work center manager or the HR department that a contract is about to be fulfilled, to take the appropriate actions and can make the corresponding report.
informe programado


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