Shift Management

Perform a more advanced time management of your workers; monitor the hours and shifts of your team, visualize, create alerts or make use of those indicators that you are most interested in analyzing.

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Manage your team's schedule

Manage your team's hours with OpenHR's advanced system, thus having total control of your team's schedule planning and roster management.

RecursosVisuales Eliminate, modify, cover work peaks or staff changes... make any shift change you need from any device and allow users to see it from any device.

RecursosVisuales Generate rotating shifts from templates individually or massively. Edit the schedule of a work group or an individual worker.

Reports and analysis

Visualize, create alerts and make use of the indicators you are most interested in analyzing (absence or attendance incidents, excess hours spent on an activity, actual duration of an activity, shifts per employee depending on the team or location, etc.).

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Improve the Employee Experience

Make it possible for anyone to also view the hours they have been working. Create notifications so that any changes that have been made to their shifts are sent to their email or cell phone.

Rapid conflict detection

Quickly detect conflicts and anomalies that may occur.

RecursosVisuales Thanks to the OpenHR system, you will be able to detect shift conflicts that may occur (such as warnings of shifts already assigned to the same employee, or Absence and Vacation alerts connected to the calendar).

RecursosVisuales Easily detect external anomalies that may affect the company's processes, such as changes in regulations or clocking.

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Process decentralization.

Managers and supervisors can manage their employees' schedules and shifts in a decentralized and autonomous way, making use of the powerful workflow offered by the OpenHR system.

Advanced time management

By cross-referencing the employee's work schedule with Absences or Vacations, you will be able to compare the real and theoretical work time that corresponds to that employee, thus allowing you to detect the aspects that will have an impact when calculating his or her payroll.

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Time Recording System

Complete your shift management with a system for recording employee working hours.


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