Training Management

With OpenHR you will have a clear vision of the training needed for each position in your company.



coordinacion de formaciones

Coordination of training courses

With OpenHR Training you will have perfectly coordinated employee training courses aligned with the needs of the organization through specific training in line with the company.

RecursosVisuales You will be able to define the courses and the topics of each course and assign them to a specific job position. The employee can see the training he/she has and be able to choose to do what the company proposes.

RecursosVisuales Integrated design to be executed by employees from their mobile devices thanks to our PWA technology.

RecursosVisuales Design exams for each course.

RecursosVisuales Clear control of employee skills. 

Training catalog

With OpenHR Training we can create our own Training Catalog, always active and available to the entire organization.

RecursosVisuales Each course can include multimedia material and an exam per course or task.

RecursosVisuales Intuitive e-learning courses for the best training development.

catalogo de formacion
gestion de los cursos

Training management

From the "My Training" section, employees can see the courses to which they have been assigned and sign up for them directly.

RecursosVisuales They can also evaluate the courses taken and have a say in the training process itself. 

RecursosVisuales He/she can connect the training courses to include them in his/her calendar.

RecursosVisuales At the end of each course, when it is passed, the system will make available to the employee the corresponding accredited course and will update his record of courses taken, and his personal curriculum.


With OpenHR Training you can integrate training with Recruitment, Performance and Employee Management programs, creating a Human Resources suite designed for your company. You also have APIs already created and OpenHR's own system so you can create dynamic APIs according to your needs, and exchange information with your internal or external information systems.

comunicacion colaborativa cursos

Collaborative communication for your training

RecursosVisuales Collaboration tools. OpenHR offers social learning functionalities: document repositories, chat and information boards, and employee-generated content.

RecursosVisuales Direct consultation system between employee and manager. Conversation history for each figure.

RecursosVisuales Notifications. Notifications help employees stay on top of what's happening: course completion, assignments, feedback, upcoming events and more.

Monitoring course success.

Progress monitoring to evaluate employee performance. You can measure their progress at different time intervals, or after the course has ended.
monitoreo de cursos


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