Labour consultancy

Labour consultancy

Offer your customers an advanced Human Resources solution. You handle the payroll management and your clients manages their employees without any costs for your office.

OpenHR is not consultancy software. It is for consultancies clients.

Nowadays companies want more than payroll and taxes. Companies want to manage their employees, and have immediate access anywhere and anytime of their employees´information without the use countless spreadsheets.  Especially companies that need to constantly contact their Consultant, not so to be advised, but to repeatedly ask for employee information, it is tedious and frustrating for your clients.

To avoid frustrations and offer the best service, There is a solution  OpenHR, through our software, you can offer your clients the necessary professional solutions for their office that enables a fluid seamless relationship between you and your client. You will secure their loyalty, preventing them from looking for solutions elsewhere.

With other HR softwares , they tell you is that you need to implement a payroll system first and subsequently manage your employees. This may compromise years of professional work and this simply  IS NOT TRUE.

With OpenHr you will be able to offer your best customers the solution they are looking for.

With OpenHR your client will not have to spend on payroll software, IT infrastructure, or hire payroll experts... With OpenHR your clients will have the best of both worlds:

- Payroll management in the hands of a trusted professional.

- Human Resources Management with immediate access from your mobile or laptop to all of your employees´ information. 

You'll build customer loyalty, increase revenue, and lower your expenses on these customers.