It doesn't matter if your company has 25 or 25,000 employees. OpenHR is the software that is specially designed for your company. The management of your Human Resources does not depend on the number of employees you have.

OpenHR is a software marketed as a subscription that is specially designed for your company, with no hidden costs or additional IT expenses. It fits your budget and adjusts to your companies needs.

For Companies that do not want to change their payroll.

If you use a payroll software which you trust, have been using for a long time, and are perfectly adapted to, you DO NOT HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR PAYROLL TO HAVE A HUMAN RESOURCE SOFTWARE.

Other payroll manufacturers will tell you that to have Employee or Human Resource Management, you have to change your payroll and make a great investment in time and cost. NOT With OpenHR, regardless of the payroll your company uses, you will have state-of-the-art Human Resources and People Management.

At OpenHR we connect your current payroll. Your employee data will be imported into OpenHR. Your work documents (pay slips, certificates, ...) will be integrated into OpenHR. From there, you will be able to generate Human Resources strategies that will make your company increase benefits.

For Companies that manage their payroll with a Labour Consultancy.

If you manage your payroll with an Employment Consultancy but want to have access to all your data without having to request employee information by telephone or sending emails,  OpenHR is the solution. With OpenHR you will have the best in employment counselling with your consultant, and the best of Human Resources with OpenHR. as they are connected to one another, you won't have to duplicate the information.

For groups of companies with delegations or location in several Countries. 

If you manage several companies  in different national or international locations, you do not need to merge the payrolls in a single program to have a unified Human Resources Management.

Your companies will be able to continue to manage their payrolls the way they do today. The management distribution is an efficient and local externalized process. All delegations, regardless of their location, should  implement OpenHR in order to have their Human Resources.

OpenHR , as multi-language and multi-salary payments, will unify all your Workforce information into a single Database. With OpenHR you will be able to establish an internal communication policy, and a corporate culture, unifying all your employees' information.

Employees, Managers, and Management teams will have up to the minute access to all employees' information from any telephone. OpenHR adapts to the language the user chooses: Spanish, English, Catalan, Basque, tropicalized for Mexico, Panama,...

Openhr is the management solution for expanding companies using digital transformation to increase benefits.

For Franchises  

If you are a franchise, and you have several establishments in one or several different cities, you will need OpenHR to manage your employees efficiently and have a sufficient database of resumes to cover possible losses as quickly as possible.

Payroll management is sure to be well resolved with your trusted Employment Consultant. However, by having your employees dispersed, you'll need OpenHR to establish a channel of communication between your Consultant's documents and legal information and your employees wherever they are.

If it's already difficult to manage people in one place, imagine several places. You need a solution like OpenHr that allows you to easily access all of your employees´information from your mobile or any computer. Additionally.  you would need to involve supervisors or managers in the organization and supervision of absences, vacations, expenses, etc,

OpenHR will solve and control all aspects of your personnel management for your franchise.

The solution for any expanding company that implement digital transformation as a tool to increase benefits.