OpenHR platform

OpenHR is a state-of-the-art software (PWA) that incorporates the most advanced features for your company. With OpenHR CORE you will have all the necessary tools to develop people Management and internal communication for your company. Through OpenHR, you will be able to access from any WEB browser, and with our latest generation APP system, from any mobile. Employees, Managers, Directors and yourself will have access to all the information from any computer and any mobile phone. Furthermore, each employee will be able to configure their language of choice in OpenHR .

Employee Management: OpenHR CORE

The essence of OpenHR, called OpenHR CORE, consists of a series of programs that gather all the basic functions so that any company, regardless of its size, can completely implement employee Management: - Employment data -Corporate and labour documentation -Internal communication -Surveys - Payroll setup

Selection and recruitment

One of the most important functions of Human Resources is to find and select the best candidates for the positions that the company needs. Therefore, OpenHR provides the company with a software tool with which you can customize the profiles you need, advertise job offers to fill positions, and above all, stop using general tools, which are costly and not very adaptable to our activity. OpenHR Selection module you will manage your own candidates and you will not have additional recruitment costs.


Employee talent Management is a fundamental factor for the growth of your company. The increase in productivity is very directly related to the talent that your employees bring into their work. And OpenHR helps you manage, grow and retain it. You can design specific training for a job position or for a specific person. You can manage attendance based and online courses. In addition, you have e-learning to deploy your own courses, syllabuses and evaluations within your company.

Performance evaluations and objectives

The main objective of the performance evaluation module is to enable immediate supervisors to make a quantitative and qualitative estimations of company employees. OpenHR offers an appraisal software solution that will allow you to manage the excellence and skills of your employees, directory of competencies, competence questionnaire, evaluations and self-evaluations,... Additionally, with the objectives module you can manage your company's team and personal objectives. evaluation and self-evaluation. Moreover, expert personnel can be included to supervise and analyse the final results of the evaluations.

Attendance Management

With OpenHR, just as we import payroll data, we can import Presence Control data. With OpenHR, all employees, regardless of their geographic mobility, will be able to clock in from their mobile phones. You will also be able to generate presence record files of each employee based on schedules without having to clock in. Data import from presence control, mobile and tablets registrers, ... Everything integrated in OpenHR and tailored to each work center.

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Work orders and tasks

With OpenHR, in addition to planning your absences, you can keep track of the work performed by each employee on a daily basis. By Project, by Cost Centers.. The necessary data from the mobile or the web to export to your ERP or to your payroll program. Up to the minute information on your work reports from your mobile.

Travel expenses and flexible remuneration

With OpenHR, you and your employees will forget about paperwork and receipts for travel expenses. You can insert them from your mobile phone, scan receipts and add them straight into the process. Forget about paper. Through our flexible remuneration. the employee will directly obtain restaurants, daycare or transport checks, and thanks to OpenHR's workflow, the orders are validated and generated to the supplier.

Implementation and Start-up

With OpenHR you can choose from 2 ways to launch your Human Resources software. A fast system with remote start-up. Or an on-site customized system adapted to the needs of your company,

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