Daniel Martín
By Daniel Martín on March 07, 2023

OpenHR is excited to announce a new strategic partnership in the UK with Kharalis, a Cornerstone OnDemand partner

Kharalis and OpenHR announce a strategic commercial agreement to enhance HR management solutions.
Kharalis, a leading provider of innovative business solutions, and OpenHR, a cutting-edge HR management software provider, have signed a strategic commercial agreement to collaborate on developing and delivering advanced HR management solutions.
The agreement will enable Kharalis to integrate OpenHR's advanced HR management software into its suite of business solutions, while OpenHR will benefit from Kharalis' extensive industry expertise and experience in delivering business solutions.
The partnership will provide Kharalis customers with access to a comprehensive suite of HR management solutions, including recruiting, performance management, employee engagement, and learning and development. The integrated solutions will enable customers to manage their human resources more efficiently, reduce administrative overheads, and enhance their business operations.
The collaboration with OpenHR will also enable Kharalis to extend its reach into new markets, expand its product offerings, and provide greater value to its customers.
"Kharalis is excited to partner with OpenHR to provide our customers with access to advanced HR management solutions," said Roberto Figus, CEO of Kharalis. "The collaboration will enable us to offer our customers a comprehensive suite of HR management solutions that will help them manage their human resources more efficiently, reduce administrative overheads, and enhance their business operations."
"OpenHR is delighted to partner with Kharalis," said José Juan Martín, CEO of OpenHR. "Our innovative HR management software combined with Kharalis' extensive business solutions expertise will provide customers with a world-class HR management solution. We look forward to working with Kharalis to deliver the best possible service to our joint customers."
The Kharalis and OpenHR partnership is poised to provide cutting-edge HR management solutions to businesses of all sizes. The collaboration is a testament to the commitment of both companies to provide world-class services and to be at the forefront of innovation in the HR management space.
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