Human resources and internal communication software to manage your entire workforce

Manage your own platform to automate and manage HR tasks

RecursosVisuales  Technology to automatize, digitize and manage employee management processes. Enhance the Employee Experience (EX)

RecursosVisuales  Without changing payroll or ERP software

RecursosVisuales  System adaptable to your company's structure and size

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OpenHR Technology

Blockchain, PWA,
& Business Intelligence at your fingertips

Progressive Web App

OpenHR PWA can be installed by anyone, anywhere, on any device with a single codebase, without the need to access Google Play or the Apple Store.

Business Intelligence

In OpenHR we have developed a large-scale data processing system, which allows connecting similar terms and generating metrics, analytics and predictive statistics. OpenHR has a series of APIs to connect the Database with Dashboards.

Blockchain for talent management

OpenHR enables traceability and management of the employee's digital identity thanks to the decentralized Blockchain system. We focus on use cases for the improvement of talent management in Blockchain environments. OpenHR works together with Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem with the idea of incorporating Blockchain technology to human resources management. 




We create specific modules and systems
to cover every need of your company

Manage your entire workforce on a single platform

We create a tailored service with the best HR management solutions so you can manage your employees on a single platform. Empower your employees by offering them tools for self-management and increase the Employee Experience of your organization.

RecursosVisuales Employee data
RecursosVisuales Document Management
RecursosVisuales Corporate organization chart
RecursosVisuales Internal communication
RecursosVisuales Employee Self-Service Portal
RecursosVisuales Absence and vacation management
RecursosVisuales Surveys
RecursosVisuales Reports
RecursosVisuales Payroll
Efficiently manage your employees' time

We create time management solutions for your business

RecursosVisuales Time Tracker
RecursosVisuales Shift management
RecursosVisuales Planning of tasks and work pieces
Manage available talent in a single click

Know the state of your organization and improve the Employee Experience by empowering middle managers and employees. Select the best candidate with OpenHR's ATS, understand the state of your organization, manage your company's training plans with our LMS, or implement welcome, equality or flexible compensation plans.

RecursosVisuales Recruitment and Selection
RecursosVisuales  Onboarding
RecursosVisuales Training
RecursosVisuales Performance evaluation and objectives
RecursosVisuales Expense management
RecursosVisuales Flexible Compensation
RecursosVisuales Equality Plans
RecursosVisuales Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

OpenHR BI provides your company with access to essential data for the creation of reports, dashboards, and indicators, necessary for strategic decision making.

RecursosVisuales OpenBI

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We have a Human Resources solution for you

No matter the size of your company or the number of employees on your staff. We create an adapted service with the best solutions of our Human Resources management system.

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For consultant's clients

If you manage your payroll with an employment consultant, but you want to have access to all your data, OpenHR is the solution. With OpenHR you will have the best of a labor consultancy with its advisor and the best of Human Resources with our human resources software. And connected between them so that no duplicity is generated in the processes that are already in place.

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Human Resources Consultants

With OpenHR you will have an HR solution that will allow you to expand your influence in your market. You will no longer only offer in your portfolio necessary topics of advice and consultancy in areas of Organization, Communication and Human Resources, but you will also have a Human Resources software to translate into the organization the procedures and solutions you have recommended to each company.

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ERP Companies

You may have already noticed that more and more programs are being integrated into ERP. Programs are appearing that incorporate employee management functionalities. Others incorporate payroll directly. You have to offer at least as much as they do to differentiate yourself. Fortunately, you have a good industry solution. OpenHR is the HR solution you need then.

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Companies that don't want to change their payroll program.

With OpenHR, your clients won't have to change anything. They will be able to continue with the payroll program they already know. With the OpenHR system they will have all the information of their employees from their cell phone or from any computer. They will be able to integrate supervisors, managers and department heads into the company. And they will also have employee reports in real time. With OpenHR, customers will evolve from what they already have and know without changing anything.

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For companies starting out in digital transformation.

Companies have begun to implement digital transformation processes in many areas of the organization. Human Resources cannot be left behind. We accompany you throughout this process of change.

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Companies with several centers and branches

If you manage several companies, in different national or international locations, you will not need to change a single payroll program to have a complete HR management.

OpenHR, as a multi-language and multi-payroll system, will unify all your workforce information in a single database. With OpenHR you will be able to establish an internal communication policy and a corporate culture, unifying all the information of your employees.

Improve your company and the relationship with your employees

OpenHR is not just a Human Resources management software, we also have a team you can count on to manage different areas of your services.

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OpenHR makes available to its customers a system of consultations through the same application 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our customer service department will handle your questions, prioritize them and try to provide an appropriate solution.

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Help & Support

OpenHR makes available to its customers a system of consultations through the same application 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our customer service department will handle your questions, prioritize them and try to provide an appropriate solution.

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OpenHR Apis

OpenHR APIs equip you with a tool that allows you to share data with other applications.

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a connection interface used to exchange data between different software. Different developed software applications can use web services to exchange data with each other.

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Application security is a fundamental issue for our customers and therefore, it has to be for us as well.

One of OpenHR's focuses of interest is the value of privacy as a priority and substantial element within companies, individuals and governmental institutions.

For this reason, data security is a very important issue among our actions, even becoming an ethical responsibility that we have acquired. Defending our clients' programs, data and communications when they connect with OpenHR is one of the foundations of our work.

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OpenHR Academy

OpenHR Academy aims to be a center where human resources professionals can find training specifically aimed at talent management managers.

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OpenHR Academy

Continuous training to get the most out of all functionalities

Within the support system, our team is continuously creating specific training courses for each of our applications. These are multimedia courses, unassisted for a continuous training of our customers.

  • Continuous training and staff learning

  • Training pills

  • Training path for self-learning for managers and employees.

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We will advise you on how to match OpenHR with your company's needs

No matter the size of your company or the number of employees on your staff. We create an adapted service with the best solutions of our Human Resources management system.

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