Employee Onboarding

Manage your employee onboarding processes

The Onboarding module provides HR managers with a comprehensive guide to effectively handle this critical initial phase and ensure ongoing support for employee integration.

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Employee Onboarding

Consolidate talent management with HR software customised to your company's specific needs.

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Manage your employee onboarding processes

bullet point 16Customisation of the induction plan according to the centre and the job.

bullet point 8-2Set up different workflows depending on each area and their respective managers.

bullet point 38 Customise each workflow set up for your onboarding processes.

bullet point 2-3It manages assisted or unassisted incorporation processes.


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Keeps control over how these processes are being done

bullet point 1-3Level of progress in the planning of Onboarding processes with key information.

bullet point 27 Check the status of your organisation's integration processes.


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Onboarding process
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Plan before the first day, after the first day and beyond

bullet point 17 Provide new employees with as much information as possible before they begin.

bullet point 7 It takes the stress out of the first day on the job and helps them process new experiences better.


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