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Why become an OpenHR partner?

Human resources is changing. Today, companies that want to adapt have no choice but to consolidate their digital transformation processes as well. That is why our partners are experts in these processes and trust us to lead the future of talent management.

About our partners?

All of our partners work to improve the human resources function, streamline the administration and human talent management processes, and are concerned about the amount of hours they are spending on manual labor.

Our partners:

Grupo 1789
Grupo 1781
Software manufacturer that has the potential to connect with OpenHR to offer customers new options for improving human resource management.
Grupo 1782
Consulting companies or labor advisory firms that offer Human Resources services and that know that OpenHR is the ideal tool to carry out these transformation projects.
Grupo 1783
It is the company or independent professional that performs programming, marketing or software integration services and can offer its services with OpenHR software.

What relationship model do we have with our partners?

Depending on the business relationship that the partner wants to have with OpenHR, we offer different figures to work with us. Depending on your needs OpenHR offers four types of models:


Help the digital transformation of organizations by giving voice to a new style of HR software and gain visibility among your customers by offering a product that fits them.


Expand and enhance your HR services portfolio with the most complete workforce management solution on the market.
Leverage OpenHR to continue growing among your customers.

Collaboration partner

OpenHR is the ideal tool to offer your clients along with your human resources consulting services. You will be able to offer a complete and quality service and become an expert in OpenHR.


Help all those customers who need a quality service implementation and integrate OpenHR in their companies, boosting the digital transformation of their organizations!

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