Time and attendance control

Manage your company's working hours 

Go beyond time recording and manage your employees' time by facilitating access to information and time tracking, whatever your work system (on-site, hybrid, or remote).

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Consolidate talent management with HR software tailored to your company's specific needs.

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Effective time management

Effectively control your staff's working hours

bullet point 9File from any device (computer, mobile, tablet,...). Anywhere and everywhere.

bullet point 5-2OpenHR will securely store geolocation data if required.

bullet point 24 Sending push notifications to employees and managers, ensuring efficient and effective communication.

bullet point 32Tagging from the "Kiosk". A simple and quick PIN-based clocking system for your employees.


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Time and Attendance software that fits you and your organisation

bullet point 20 Automatic calculation of markings with actual and target hours worked without intervention

bullet point 23Flexible clock-in and clock-out times for your employees for greater flexibility.

bullet point 26

Our system offers a flexible and efficient solution for mass clocking of working time.

bullet point 4-2Controls the percentage of working hours in each employee's contract automatically. 

bullet point 8-2

The system offers an unassisted solution for managers, allowing them to focus on other tasks.


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Time and attendance software
Advanced time management

Advanced time management

bullet point 26Automatic import of clockings from work reports and task control into the system.

bullet point 27 Import from other project management tools with task control.

bullet point 23Synchronisation of time recording with absences, holidays and shift management.

bullet point 24 Manage overtime worked by your team to avoid imbalances and poor time management policies.


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The data you need, when you need it

bullet point 3-2Reports of entries and exits per individual or per group and their comments.

bullet point 21Easily compare and analyse the deviation between theoretical and actual timetables.

bullet point 19OpenHR generates the markings directly in the application from an ERP or a biometric control.


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Time registration data
Control of hours

Total control of your team's working hours

bullet point 24 Theoretical hours, hours of attendance, hours of unexcused absence and holiday hours.

bullet point 17

Keep track of your team's working hours to ensure a fair and effective time management  system.

bullet point 8-2Each manager sees the information of each person in his or her team.

bullet point 2-3The worker can manage his or her own time reports.


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Do you have any questions?

In this section we have compiled information to help you solve any questions you may have. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact our team.

What is the best time and attendance software?

OpenHR is a complete and versatile option for time and attendance and human resources management. It offers several features that can be beneficial for companies. Some of the reasons why OpenHR can be considered as the best time and attendance software are:

  1. Integration of functions: OpenHR allows you to integrate time and attendance with other human resource management functions, such as leave and absence management, employee schedules and shifts, and project management. This makes it easy to manage different employee-related aspects in one place.

  2. Advanced time recording and management: OpenHR offers the ability to account for overtime and perform advanced time management. This can help to effectively monitor and control hours worked, schedule compliance and associated labour costs.

  3. Filtering and exporting information: The ability to filter information allows the company to easily query time records by employee or group, based on the desired time interval. In addition, OpenHR allows for the export of clockings to formats such as PDF or Excel, which facilitates analysis and reporting.

  4. Unattended management: Managers can perform unattended management of their workgroup through the platform. This means they can access and monitor their employees' time records efficiently, which saves time and facilitates data-driven decision making.

  5. Easy access for employees: OpenHR offers an app and kiosk that make it easy for employees to manage their time recording. This can encourage participation and accuracy in recording hours worked.

  6. Customised work calendar: The ability to add a specific work calendar for a particular region, office or group can help maintain coordination and organisation in terms of work schedules.

  7. Data security: OpenHR uses data encryption to ensure that information is stored securely. This is important to protect the privacy and confidentiality of employee data.

  8. Integration with other systems: OpenHR offers an API that facilitates integration with other management systems that the company may use. This allows for greater efficiency and fluidity in processes and avoids the need to duplicate data entry.


What are the benefits of time and attendance software?

Time and attendance software can offer a number of benefits for businesses. Some of the most common benefits are:

  1. Automation and accuracy: Time and attendance software automates the recording of hours worked by employees, eliminating the need for manual record keeping. This reduces errors and increases the accuracy of time tracking.

  2. Compliance: Time and attendance software can help companies comply with labour regulations and standards related to timekeeping. It can generate accurate reports and records that can be used for legal compliance purposes.

  3. Efficient time management: By having an accurate record of hours worked, timekeeping software allows employers to have better visibility of how time is spent in the company. This can help identify inefficiencies, optimise schedules and allocate resources more effectively.

  4. Payroll and overtime calculation: Time and attendance software can automatically calculate hours worked, overtime and other aspects of employee payroll. This facilitates accurate payrolls and avoids errors in calculations.

  5. Analysis and reporting: Time and attendance software can generate detailed reports and analysis of employees' working time. This provides valuable information for decision making and strategic planning in human resource management.

  6. Ease of access and management: Employees can easily access the timekeeping software to record their working hours, request leave and perform other related activities. In addition, managers and administrators have the ability to manage and monitor time recording efficiently.

  7. Integration with other systems: Some time and attendance software can be integrated with other management systems used in the company, such as human resources management, payroll or project planning. This allows for greater efficiency and automation of processes.

  8.  Data security: Time and attendance software can improve time management efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, optimise resource allocation and facilitate accurate payroll. In addition, it provides analysis and reporting tools to assist in decision making and strategic planning.


Why use OpenHR time and attendance software?

OpenHR is a complete and versatile option for time and attendance and human resources management.

Features include the integration of functions such as employee leave and time management, overtime accounting, filtering and exporting of information, unattended management for managers, easy access for employees through an application and kiosk, personalised work calendar, data security with encryption and the ability to integrate with other management systems.

These features make OpenHR an outstanding solution for optimising time and human resource management in companies.