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Create your company's organizational chart with ease.

Create, manage, and visualise your organisation's internal structure using our user-friendly HR software. Thanks to our platform, you can easily map out the responsibilities of each team and department in your company, enabling efficiency in the workplace.

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Organigrama corporativo

Consolida la gestión del talento con un software de recursos humanos adaptado a las necesidades específicas de tu empresa.

Tus empleados podrán acceder a toda su información personal, documentos y otras funcionalidades en cualquier momento y lugar.

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Flexible organisation chart

Create your own corporate organization charts

bullet point 1-2Create an organizational chart to represent the organization's department structure.

bullet point 2-1Generate as many organisational charts as you need regardless of the number of employees or sites your company has.

bullet point 2-2Visualise your organisation chart depending on the needs of the company (by people, position, departments, or responsibilities).


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Create your own flexible organization charts

bullet point 4-1Organization charts for projects with multiple leaders; useful for business groups with multiple locations and projects.

bullet point 5-1Matrix or mixed organisation charts through the creation of work groups.


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Mixed organisational charts
Updated organisational charts

Automatically updated organizational charts

bullet point 6-1Keep your company's structure up-to-date, taking into account any hires

bullet point 7Your shared and inter-departmental organisation charts are always automatically updated.

bullet point 8Design your organizational charts and automatically define which employees have access to specific information.


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Without the need for third-party software.

bullet point 8-1OpenHR offers you the possibility of adapting your own organisation charts without the need to resort to another program to generate them.

bullet point 9-1If you already use any external tool (Excel, Power Point or any other system) easily import the data into OpenHR from any spreadsheet or file/table.

bullet point 9-1Export data to proprietary organisation chart design programs so you can visualise it your way.


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Own organisation charts



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