OpenHR Academy

OpenHR Academy aims to be a center where human resources professionals can find training specifically directed to talent managers.



We develop, create and centralize specific courses for human resources professionals.

Training pills and training path designed for our customers

In OpenHR Academy you can find specific courses, and remote courses. Training courses for delegations, centers or middle management. These training courses are tailored to the functionalities of the company and its own processes. At OpenHR we create webinars for our clients. Every year we update a webinar agenda with specific topics related to the dates when certain processes are implemented, such as vacation calendars, uploading of withholding certificates, etc.


Specific courses for Human Resources

At OpenHR Academy, talent management professionals and managers will find a center with courses and training pills related to the field of human resources. Professionals and companies have created relevant courses for these professionals. In OpenHR Academy they will find a place where they will have all the training in one place.


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