Automate and simplify your recruitment processes

OpenHR provides the company with a powerful software tool that allows you to customise the profiles you need, advertise job openings to fill vacant positions, or communicate with the candidate during the selection process.  Improve the Candidate Experience with OpenHR software.

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Recruitment and selection

Consolidate talent management with HR software adapted to the specific needs of your company.

Your employees will be able to access all their personal information, documents and other functionalities anytime, anywhere.

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Job management

Manage and recruit the key positions your business needs

bullet point 2-3Generate a user experience to enhance the employer branding of your company.

bullet point 22 Track your site and monitor the traffic of your employer website to gauge performance.

bullet point  1Create your own job portal that´s adapted to your brand.


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Work simultaneously with different recruitment sources

bullet point  1OpenHR connects the positions you need to cover through the best job aggregators,                               specialised portals and universities.

bullet point 22 Can't find your recruitment channel? Don't worry, we'll link it up for you.

bullet point 9OpenHR's ATS allows us to disseminate the job offer with a single click to multiple sources.


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Fuentes de reclutamiento
Phases of the selection process

Discover the best way to find the most talented people

bullet point 2-4Direct searches through filters in all fields of the CV.

bullet point 33 Define the different phases of each selection process automatically.

bullet point 4-2Automatically evaluate CVs according to scores tailored to your company.


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Communicate with candidates and create a unique experience

bullet point 35 Use OpenHR's communication tools to reach out to all candidates.

bullet point  1

Employee portal to keep your candidates up to date on the status of the process.

bullet point 17 Create and customise your "killer questions" adapted to your selection processes.

bullet point 36 -1Treat your candidates as if they were already part of your company. Create automatic notifications.


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Communication tools used
Recruitment management data

Use the data you already have to manage your internal recruitment processes

bullet point 2-3Collaborative internal selection processes between departments with notes for each                           candidate.

bullet point 3

Post job vacancies for your employees to see and apply for.

bullet point 4 Approval flows and dynamic forms to generate new processes.

bullet point 5 Use Performance Evaluation or psychometric tests in your selection process.


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Do you have any questions?

In this section we have compiled information to help you solve any questions you may have. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact our team.

Why use OpenHR recruitment software?

OpenHR is a human resources software that allows you to optimise and automate your recruitment processes in your company.

OpenHR's flexible tools allow you to customise and automate your recruitment phases and communicate with your candidates throughout the process via the candidate portal. 

In addition, the internal communication system can help you run your internal recruitment processes. Inform and allow them to apply for your new job offers in an easy way.

Can I use just OpenHR recruitment software?

With OpenHR you can have a recruitment software fully adapted to your selection processes. In addition, with our offers you can connect your recruitment tools with other human resources programmes, such as training, performance or onboarding.