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Get the feedback you need from your employees.

A software that allows Human Resources and managers to create their own surveys and assign them to employees, departments, and workplaces.

With OpenHR's survey system, you can gain a 360-degree view of your organization and identify key improvement areas by receiving feedback from your employees.

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Consolida la gestión del talento con un software de recursos humanos adaptado a las necesidades específicas de tu empresa.

Tus empleados podrán acceder a toda su información personal, documentos y otras funcionalidades en cualquier momento y lugar.

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Work climate survey

Launch short and recurring employee engagement surveys.

bullet point 5-1Measure the degree of satisfaction, motivation and happiness of your employees.

bullet point 5-1Increase productivity and enhance the employee experience to unlock their full potential.

bullet point 5-1Create your job satisfaction surveys. We'll assist you in crafting new ones with associated reports.


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Customize your surveys based on your goals.

bullet point 5-1All types of surveys at your disposal (Employee Engagement, Onboarding, eNPS, etc.).

bullet point 5-1Create as many anonymous surveys as needed to uncover your employees' opinions.


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Customised survey
Labour survey reports

Generate reports to unlock the full potential of your HR data.

bullet point 6-1Measure employee engagement and other key indicators.

bullet point 6-1Segment your surveys your way to align with the goals of each area.


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What is an HR Survey?

An HR survey is a tool or method used to gather information and opinions from employees regarding various aspects of human resources management within an organization. The primary objective of an HR survey is to gain a comprehensive understanding of employee satisfaction, their needs, expectations, and perceptions concerning the company's human resources practices.

HR surveys typically address topics such as job satisfaction, internal communication, workplace atmosphere, professional development, compensation and benefits policies, performance management, growth and development opportunities, work-life balance, and other relevant aspects of people management within an organization.

These surveys are conducted anonymously and confidentially to encourage honesty and sincerity in employee responses. The survey results can provide the company with an overall view of areas where they excel and those where improvement is needed. Furthermore, they can serve as a foundation for making strategic decisions related to human resources management and for designing programs and policies that cater to the needs and expectations of employees."

Why use an HR survey?

There are several reasons why an organization might choose to use an HR survey. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  1. Obtain Employee Satisfaction Information: An HR survey can provide valuable information about employee satisfaction with various aspects of their work and work environment. This includes their satisfaction with HR policies, the work environment, development and growth opportunities, internal communication, compensation and benefits, among others. This data can help the organization identify areas for improvement and take steps to increase employee satisfaction and engagement.

  2. Identify Issues or Areas for Improvement: HR surveys can reveal underlying issues or areas where the organization can improve its HR management. By collecting data on employee perceptions, gaps or deficiencies in existing policies, practices, or procedures can be identified. This provides information for making informed decisions and making positive changes for the well-being of employees and the overall success of the organization.

  3. Assess the Impact of HR Initiatives: If an organization has implemented new HR programs or policies, a survey can help assess their effectiveness and impact on employees. By measuring employee perception before and after implementation, it can be determined whether the initiatives are achieving desired results and whether employees feel they benefit from them.

  4. Collect Ideas and Suggestions from Employees: HR surveys can also give employees the opportunity to provide ideas, suggestions, or feedback on how to improve HR practices. By allowing them to express themselves anonymously, transparency and openness are encouraged, which can generate innovative ideas and solutions to existing problems.

  5. Make Data-Driven Decisions: By collecting quantitative and qualitative data through an HR survey, the organization can make decisions based on concrete information rather than just assumptions or subjective perceptions. This helps avoid biases and allows issues to be addressed more accurately and effectively.

An HR survey is a valuable tool for obtaining direct feedback from employees and improving HR management within an organization, thereby increasing employee satisfaction and engagement and contributing to the overall success of the company.


What is an employee satisfaction survey?

An employee satisfaction survey is a type of survey designed to gather information about employees' satisfaction and opinions regarding their work experience and their relationship with the organization.

The primary purpose of an employee satisfaction survey is to obtain direct feedback from employees to assess their level of satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and take action to enhance the work environment and human resources management.

Employee satisfaction surveys typically cover a wide range of topics related to the work experience. Some common examples of areas assessed in these surveys include:

  1. Job Satisfaction: The survey may inquire about employees' overall satisfaction with their job, including aspects such as job content, recognition, autonomy, workload, and work-life balance.

  2. Manager Relationships: Questions related to the quality of communication and interaction between employees and their supervisors, the support received, leadership, and decision-making may be included.

  3. Professional Development: The survey can explore opportunities for growth and professional development within the organization, such as training programs, promotions, job rotation, and skill development.

  4. Compensation and Benefits: Questions about employees' satisfaction with their salary, incentives, additional benefits, and compensation policies in general may be included.

  5. Internal Communication: Questions may be asked about the effectiveness of internal communication, information transparency, and participation in decision-making.

By collecting survey data, responses are analyzed and used to gain insights into employee satisfaction levels, identify problem areas or areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to address the identified issues.

Employee satisfaction surveys are a valuable tool for organizations as they enable an understanding of employees' needs and expectations, identification of areas for improvement, and the implementation of actions to enhance employee satisfaction and engagement. This can lead to increased talent retention, a better work climate, and overall improved organizational performance.


What are the benefits of using OpenHR surveys?

OpenHR is cutting-edge human resources and internal communication software that allows you to conduct as many surveys as you need and track the results to gain in-depth insights into your organization's status. Whether you're a manager or an HR professional, you have the flexibility to create surveys whenever and for whomever you want.

You won't be alone throughout the process. If you have any special requirements for the surveys, we are here to assist you in designing the necessary graphical reports. Our team of experts will ensure that you have all the data and visual elements you need to make informed decisions. With OpenHR, you can effortlessly delve into the intricacies of your organization's dynamics and drive positive change.