People Analytics

OpenHR has several systems to configure your own reports, indicators and KPIs to analyse all the information collected in the database. With OpenHR you can get the most out of a People Analytics project.

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People Analytics

Consolidate talent management with HR software customised to your company's specific needs.

Your employees will be able to access all their personal information, documents and other functionalities anytime, anywhere.

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People Analytics

Customisable reporting system per employee or groups of employees

bullet point 1-3Store reports to be used and shared at any time, whenever you need them.

bullet point 8-2Each manager can generate, using existing templates, the reports he or she needs at any                     time.

bullet point 19It generates customised reports depending on the area and the data that each manager can                     see.

bullet point 3-2Different models and display styles available.


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Everything you need to check the status of your organisation.

bullet point 4-2Create as many reports as you need with the People Analytics SQL reporting system.

bullet point 14 Do you need other indicators? Don't worry, our team of consultants can give you a hand.

bullet point 3-2Calculate all relevant metrics for your organisation.


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People Analytics reports
People Analytics reporting codes

You can insert code into OpenHR reports.

bullet point 33 Create reports that include selectors, filters, and formulas in each report.

bullet point 2-2Each manager will be able to view the data and reports of the employees to which he/she has                     access.

bullet point 3-2Create reports that generate charts in the database to connect to other programs.

bullet point  1It creates a web service automatically to activate certain processes.


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OpenHR provides you with a series of APIs that will allow you to access all of the data

bullet point 3-3You will be able to apply your existing knowledge of these tools to all the data stored in OpenHR.

bullet point 10-1

You can include embedded code so that users don't have to run them from other programs.

bullet point 1-3

Create reports, dashboards and KPIs with the data stored in the system.


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Stored data



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Do you have any questions?

In this section we have compiled information to help you solve any questions you may have. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact our team.

Can I integrate my IT staff into my People Analytics processes?

With OpenHR you can integrate not only HR users, but your entire IT department. They can integrate SQL, connect the OpenHR database with the rest of the company's databases, and connect programs through our APIs. OpenHR is a solution that we create for your entire company. Our Development Department will be the perfect interlocutor with your IT department.

I have staff who know SQL, can they add value within OpenHR?

If you have advanced users who know SQL, you can leverage their knowledge of SQL and your company to create custom reports and direct queries to our database. The important thing about data is to leverage its value. Involving your staff will speed up development and involve the whole company in the success of HR. Forget about HR as that department away from everyone else.

Can I connect to Power BI?

Of course. Power BI is the most widespread tool for generating queries, reports and graphs today. You can use the quality of HR data with the power of Power BI. 

We believe that data has to be available so that it can be related and integrated with the rest of the company's data and departments. This is how we turn data into relevant and strategic information for the business.

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