Performance Assessment

Optimise the performance improvement of your employees 

With this powerful tool, you can configure and manage assessments according to your own model, customising each aspect to your specific needs.

Our software offers a wide range of features and functionalities that will allow you to carry out effective appraisals tailored to your organisation. 

Who said performance appraisal is a thing of the past?

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Performance Assessment

Consolidate talent management with HR software that is adapted to the specific needs of your company.

Your employees will be able to access all their personal information, documents and other functionalities anytime, anywhere.

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Modelos de evaluación de desempeño

Set up your evaluation model according to your needs

bullet point. 8 Customise assessments with multiple responses, including options such as self-service, 360°, 180°  and 270°.

bullet point 28Choose from objective-based assessments, competency-based assessments, OKRs, and  more.

bullet point 9 Define factors and choose how to automatically score and weight responses.


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Evaluate on general, group or individual objectives.

bullet point 19Set SMART objectives (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound).

bullet point 2-3Analyse and track the progress of your employees to optimise their performance and encourage growth.

bullet point 32 Generate meaningful conversations that drive improvements in their development and achieve optimal performance.


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Evaluación por objetivos
Evaluations by device

Access and perform assessments from any device

bullet point 36 Enjoy a smooth and agile experience on all your devices. Complete surveys and reviews easily.

bullet point 9Review forms in one place, either from your computer or your mobile device.

bullet point 36 -1Create a workflow with automatic notifications as steps in the process are completed.

bullet point 35 Direct consultation system between employee and manager. Conversation history for each                       employee.


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Gain valuable insights through customised reports

bullet point 7-1Create customised reports by employees, workplaces, groups or other countries.

bullet point 9-1Identify competency gaps, allowing you to design talent management processes.

bullet point 3-2Use reports from the nine-box model to assess the talent, potential and performance of your employees.


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Customised reports
Competency-based employee assessment

Evaluate your employees by competencies

bullet point 4 Create a comprehensive dictionary of competences to label a set of specific competences.

bullet point 9 We offer you advice to customise the competence profiles according to your needs.

bullet point 10-1Find skills gaps and create training, development and selection processes.


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Do you have any questions?

In this section we have compiled information to help you solve any questions you may have. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact our team.

How do I log in to the OpenHR employee portal?
You will be able to access the employee portal through the OpenHR app. You will have to remember your username and password and you will be able to enter your personal space. There you can find your calendars, documents, and all the information you need to improve your experience. We show you in this video so you don't have any doubts.
Why choose OpenHR's employee portal?
With OpenHR you will find it very easy to manage holidays and absences, with employees being able to handle any type of request. You can also manage all documents, such as payslips, and even sign them if necessary.  

Employee information will always be up to date and ready for you to consult anything you need. 

In addition, they will be able to manage all communications, notifications to improve internal communication within the organisation, both with their colleagues and with their managers.