Employees Portal

A unique workspace for your employees

Employees will be able to access a single workspace to manage all their information and establish an effective communication channel with managers and the rest of the organisation.

With this centralised platform, employees are able to streamline their document management processes, ensuring easy access to critical information and promoting a more organised and productive working environment.

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Employees Portal

Consolidate talent management with HR software tailored to your company's specific needs.

Your employees will be able to access all their personal information, documents and other functionalities anytime, anywhere.

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Improve and increase the efficiency and productivity of your organisation

bullet point 24 They will be able to clock in through the OpenHR time sheet and request their holidays and                           absences.

bullet point 5-2They will be able to access the details of colleagues and the rest of the organisation at                     hand according to permissions.

bullet point 4-2Manage their personal data and company documentation and sign digitally.


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Simplify your internal communication processes

bullet point 10 You will be able to keep track of the courses taken in the company, or consult them                                 whenever necessary.

bullet point 27 Carry out the evaluations proposed by the company to measure progress and improve                      skills.

bullet point 3 Access the internal job bank to explore new professional opportunities within the company. 

bullet point 2-3Carry out employee recruitment processes more efficiently and quickly.


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Job vacancies
Comunicación eficaz

Establish effective communication between employees and managers

bullet point 6-1Establish a corporate social network between managers and employees.

bullet point 7Built-in chat to speed up your communication and suggestions and ideas mailbox available to                 employees.

bullet point 7Collaborative agenda between departments or groups within the company.

bullet point 32 Know what is happening in your organisation by knowing how your employees communicate. 

bullet point 4-2Share relevant documents with all employees to encourage collaboration.


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Multi-device and Multi-language

bullet point 3-3Employees will be able to request their vacations or absences directly from their mobile devices.

bullet point 24 The manager will be also be able to approve or reject such requests from their mobile device.


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Multi-device system



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Do you have questions?

In this section we have compiled information to help you solve any questions you may have. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact our team.

How to enter the OpenHR employee portal?
You will be able to access the employee portal through the OpenHR app. You will have to remember your username and password and you will be able to enter your personal space. There you can find your calendars, documents, and all the information you need to improve your experience. We show you in this video so you don't have any doubts.
Why choose OpenHR's employee portal?
With OpenHR you will find it very easy to manage holidays and absences, with employees being able to handle any type of request. You can also manage all documents, such as payslips, and even sign them if necessary.  

Employee information will always be up to date and ready for you to consult anything you need. 

In addition, they will be able to manage all communications, notifications to improve internal communication within the organisation, both with their colleagues and with their managers.