Payroll Incidents

Calculate your employees' payrolls

Connect with payroll. With OpenH you can effortlessly generate a form with an integrated workflow system, allowing you to easily send it to the person or consultancy handling your payroll. 

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What can the pre-payroll system contribute to your company?

Sends information saving time and costs

All concepts approved by the company are compiled for processing in the payroll. Travel expenses, advances, bonuses, etc.

Connects with your outsourced Consultancy

The form is sent to your consultancy or in-house payroll manager to assist them with severance pay, annual and sick leaves, as well as other issues related to job positions.

Receive notifications to stay on top of things

With OpenHR you can report labor incidences such as sick leaves, new employees and termination.

Payroll incidents

Create new data for employees

bullet point 9Delete, modify, cover workload peaks or staff changes... change shifts from any device..

bullet point 34 Easily create rota shifts from templates either individually or in mass.


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Improve Employee and Manager experience

bullet point 24 It makes it possible for anyone to see how many hours they have worked.

bullet point 36 -1Create notifications so that any changes that have been made are sent from the app to                           employees' emails or phones.

bullet point 37Duration of an activity and notification of overtime spent on an activity.


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Improve the payroll experience
Playroll incidents

Detect conflicts and problems that might emerge

bullet point 24 Thanks to OpenHR's scheduling software, you will be able to detect any conflicts that may arise.

bullet point 36 -1Warning of duplicated schedules, or alerts of Employees' Absences and Holidays connected                   to the calendar.


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Advanced time management with our App

bullet point 2-3Compares employee's  actual working hours and theoretical working time.

bullet point 27 Detect aspects that will have an impact on the employee's payroll.

bullet point 23Complete your shift management with a recording system for employee's working hours.


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Time management in payroll



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What is the difference between payroll and pre-payroll?

The difference between payroll and pre-payroll is the time at which they are generated and their purpose within the process of paying salaries to employees.
Payroll refers to the calculation and recording of the wages and salaries of a company's employees for a given period. It is a document that details
the gross remunerations, the corresponding deductions (such as taxes, social security, loans, etc.) and the net amount that each employee
will receive. The payroll is prepared after the pay period has been completed, usually at the end of each month or fortnight.

The pre-payroll, on the other hand, is used as a payroll estimate before the pay period is completed. It is a useful tool for anticipating labour costs and making financial projections.
Pre-payroll is generated before deductions and other final adjustments required to calculate the actual payroll are made. It can be used to obtain an approximation of the payments to be made, verify
the availability of funds or make adjustments before the final payroll is issued.

In summary, the main difference between payroll and pre-payroll is that payroll is the final and detailed record of employees' wages and salaries after the completion of the pay period, while pre-payroll is a preliminary estimate or calculation before the end of the pay period, which can be used to plan or make necessary adjustments
before issuing the final payroll.

Why use pre-payroll in OpenHR?

Once gathered all the necessary information in your HR software, you can proceed to the next step, which involves calculating the corresponding payments and deductions to determine your employee's salary.

We have digital tools that can help automate tasks and simplify processes. An example of this is OpenHR, a software specialised in Human Resources management.

This platform provides assistance in calculating payroll, automate registers, collect, and calculate and finally approve the necessary data.

OpenHR helps you communicate with your payroll consultant or manager to make payroll easier for them. In this sense, a human resources software such as OpenHR can provide you with all relevant data for payroll (hours worked, absences, holidays, unpaid leaves, new employees, terminations, task management, etc.).