Work Shifts and Schedules

Efficient management of work shifts and schedules

Manage advanced  time management and shifts for your employees, view, edit, or create alerts and notifications. Additionally, managers and supervisors can coordinate their employees' work shifts and schedules in a decentralised and autonomous way using the powerful workflow offered by the OpenHR system.

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Work Shifts and Schedules

Consolidate talent management with HR software tailored to your company's specific needs

Your employees will be able to access all their personal information, documents and other functionalities anytime, anywhere.

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Full scheduling control

Take full control of timekeeping planning

bullet point 34 Eliminate, modify, cover work peaks or staff changes. Make any shift change you need from any device and allow users to see it from any device.

bullet point 24 Generate rotating shifts from templates individually or en-masse. Edit the schedule of a work group or an individual worker.


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Improve employee and Manager experience

bullet point 2-3It makes it possible for anyone to see how many hours they have worked.

bullet point 36 -1Create notifications so that any changes made are sent to  emails or phone from  the APP.

bullet point 24 Notification of duration of an activity, and any excess hours spent on an activity,  create shifts                    per employee, etc.


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Works hours
Timetable conflict resolution

Detect conflicts and anomalies that may occur

bullet point 37Thanks to OpenHR's timetabling software, you will be able to detect any conflicts that may arise.

bullet point 36 -1Notice of duplicate schedules, or be alerted of  absence and leaves  connected to  the calendar.


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Advanced time management with our App

bullet point 26Compare  employee's real hours worked with the theoretical hours on their schedule.

bullet point 20 Detect any aspects that will have an impact whilst calculating  payroll.

bullet point 5-1Complete your shift management with a system for recording employee working hours.


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Advanced time management



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What are the advantages of OpenHR' s scheduling software?

OpenHR is a shift and scheduling software that allows you to manage your team's work calendars. You can use the shift planner to easily  create work schedules.

With our shift app, you can easily create your shift schedules and assign them to employees individually or in mass. Additionally, you can make changes to shifts after detecting any anomalies (duplication of shifts or changes due to absences or holidays). 

With rota shifts, you will also be able to manage changes of your employees' work schedules automatically and without any worries. 

On the other hand, with OpenHR's work schedule planner, managers or team leaders will be able to create their own schedules depending on the needs of their own centres or establishments.

How much does a scheduling programme cost?

OpenHR's scheduling programme can be purchased independently from any other in OpenHR.  

If you purchase a series of programme, you may obtain the scheduling programme free of charge or with a big discount. 

Would you like more information? We would be happy to presente our scheduling APP to you.