Daniel Martín
By Daniel Martín on March 03, 2022

HR in 2022: pushing boundaries.

We are at the moment that represents an opportunity for Human Resources. It is time to look back and analyze everything that managers have learned along the way.

Errors and successes will remain in the memory of the companies.

HR began to look beyond; Areas such as training and skills development began to generate more spaces to develop training and coaching programs for employees. Key areas to keep employee engagement high so they can be successful. It's important to look at new technologies and techniques to enable coaching and training on a broader basis. 

It is a key opportunity for HR. A global study carried out on more than 1,400 companies by Valor shows how the Human Resources area lags far behind other areas in terms of digital transformation. However, HR plays a pivotal role in developing training and coaching programs. Managers and professionals help employees prepare for this digital transformation and understand the changes. 

How can you take advantage of the HR opportunity?


Looking inward: competency management system, business coaching and digital transformation.

Taking advantage of internal capabilities and skills is a strategy that any company should take into account for employees to face the continuous challenges of the workplace, as we discussed in the previous point.

Strategies to achieve this aim fall into two categories: 

● The development of a human resources competency management system 

● Enable coaching and training in the company on a broader basis and align the different skills of the staff with the objectives and company expectations. 

There are more and more possibilities for technology to develop reskilling and professional development programs in our organization. Although less than 20% of the companies have invested in these technologies, it is an area where HR can help to face the digital transformation within the organization.

There is an opportunity for leaders (business leaders) to take advantage of these cloud systems, and they can understand and learn from technology leaders. The main risk for Human Resources is that its budget has generally not exceeded more than 35 euros per employee and per month to implement human resources platforms to face all these challenges in terms of training and skills development. A much smaller amount if we compare it with Sales or Marketing, which say we have a project that is going to increase market share. 

Human Resources must help create a culture that develops training programs to increase employee productivity and increase the company's competitiveness.


Talent marketplaces

On the other hand, we find the talent marketplaces. In this sense, HR can help develop the skills of certain employees and make them understand what their career path is, think about the key skills they need to get there and be aware of the training HR can offer within the company.

A specific path can be established for each employee and find which projects or positions best suit their profile.

An important area in which HR can intervene, because if they do not do so, the employee himself will do it, looking for positions that make him grow as a professional.

Talent marketplaces are becoming platforms that combine career management, a professional social network and a recruitment platform all in one, with developments that allow us to get closer to the user's needs.


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