Adelia Fernandez
By Adelia Fernandez on May 07, 2024

Iris + OpenHR partnership

OpenHR x Iris Payroll Partnership 🇬🇧
IRIS, the UK's leading provider of payroll software solutions, and OpenHR, a provider of HR software, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to offer complete and efficient end-to-end HR management solutions. 
POST IRIS ANNOUNCEMENT (2)This strategic partnership will enable organisations to optimise their HR and payroll processes by integrating IRIS and OpenHR solutions. By combining the expertise and innovation of both companies, customers will benefit from a complete suite of tools designed to simplify and improve HR and payroll management.
Jose Juan Martin, CEO of OpenHR, commented: ‘We are delighted to join forces with IRIS in this strategic partnership. We believe this collaboration will enable us to offer our customers even more robust solutions tailored to their specific HR management needs. 
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