Flexible compensation

Manage the satisfaction levels of your employees so that they can enjoy the benefits that the company offers.

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Flexible remuneration

Make childcare checks, medical services, meal checks or gas checks available to employees. Take advantage of the agreements with companies to connect that OpenHR already offers.

Social benefits

With OpenHR you can let employees know about the benefits your company offers to employees; discounts, special financing, and many more!

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Internal communication

OpenHR allows you to communicate the benefits that your employees already have.

RecursosVisuales Communicate to your employees the social benefits available in your company and save time in the processing of applications.

RecursosVisuales OpenHR's Workflow-based application system.

RecursosVisuales Internal Communication System to communicate, in a fluid way, the benefits and possibilities available to employees.

Benefits management

Employees will be able to manage the benefits that best suit their specific personal and family situation.

RecursosVisuales Employees may choose and apply for any of the benefits directly or through the approval of their supervisors.

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