HR Analytics

OpenHR has several systems to configure your own reports and analyze all the information collected from the database.



informes personalizables

Customizable reports

Customizable reports system per user or groups of users.

RecursosVisuales Store reports to be used and shared at any time, and whenever you need them.

Flexible information

Each manager can generate, using existing templates, the reports he/she needs at any time.

RecursosVisuales Different models and visualization styles available.

informes flexibles
informes areas

Focused on the area you need

Generate customized reports depending on the area you need to monitor.

RecursosVisuales Helps your company to collect key information in different areas of the company (absences, vacations, training, selection, performance and objectives, time control, ....).

Reports and KPIs

Available key metrics (KPIs) that your HR team needs to check the state of the organization.

RecursosVisuales Calculate relevant metrics for your organization (staff salary cost, cost of new hires, work climate, management by objectives, absenteeism levels, workloads, performance evaluation, staff turnover, training indicators, internal equity, recruitment indicators,...).

RecursosVisuales Do you need other types of reports? Don't worry, our team of consultants can give you a hand.

RecursosVisuales Create as many indicators as you need with the SQL reporting system.

informes y kpis
conexion con cuadro de mando

Connection with dashboards.

Use the different dashboards to create different reports with custom fields.

RecursosVisuales Take advantage of the potential of dashboard tools to gather the necessary data residing in different systems and databases linked to different areas of the organization (recruitment, compensation and benefits, training, etc.).

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