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No matter which payroll program your company uses, or the type of service you manage (if you have hired a payroll outsourcing service, or your company manages the software), OpenHR makes available to employees, middle management and management, the labor data of workers.

datos de empleados


fichas de empleados

Employee records

Manage and customize your employee records file

RecursosVisuales Create custom fields to display data for each employee.

RecursosVisuales Use filters to access the information you need the most.

RecursosVisuales Mass actions around a specific group of employees: notifications through OpenHR's powerful Internal Communication system. - Want to know your employees better? Create dashboard reports to analyze the most relevant company data.

Hiring history

OpenHR's system includes a complete hiring history.

RecursosVisuales View and manage all the changes in the contracts of each employee and the data for each of the periods.

historico de contratacion
informacion del empleado

All employee information

Track and trace all the processes being carried out by the employees you are in charge of.

RecursosVisuales The manager can access with just one click to the most relevant employee data: permits, position, training in progress, evaluations, documentation, or the working day.

Transparency of information

Employees can view other employees' information to find the data they need. Filter the data to show it publicly.
transparencia del sistema


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