OpenHR Business Intelligence

OpenHR BI provides your company with access to data for the creation of reports and indicators, necessary for strategic decision making. From your cell phone and in any location. Middle managers and management will have at their disposal, at any time, the most solid information in real time.






Informes SQL

Any user with SQL knowledge will be able to embed the code within OpenHR reports. 

RecursosVisuales Include selectors, filters, and formulas in each of the reports.

RecursosVisuales The ability for each manager to view the employee data to which they have access. 

RecursosVisuales Turn reports into assets through notifications.  Notifies the manager directly of any event. No need to start the report. 

RecursosVisuales The advanced user can create reports that generate tables in the database to connect with other programs, or create a web service automatically to trigger certain processes.

Connections to dashboards

OpenHR puts at your disposal a series of APIs that will allow you to access all the data in OpenHR from any Dashboard tool.

RecursosVisuales Your company will apply the knowledge it already has from these tools to all the data stored in OpenHR.

RecursosVisuales You will be able to embed the report code within the OpenHR options, so that users do not have to run them from other programs.

RecursosVisuales OpenHR has a series of APIs to connect the database with dashboard software from other companies. You will be able to apply the knowledge acquired in your company from these tools, and adapt them to the creation of reports, dashboards and KPIs with the data stored in the system.



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