Genesis Martinez
By Genesis Martinez
04 July, 2023
According to a September 2022 Gallup report , only 32 percent of workers were actively engaged during the second quarter of the year, while actively disengaged employees increased to 18 percent. ...
Micarli Salomon
By Micarli Salomon
04 April, 2023
The employee lifecycle refers to the various stages that an employee goes through during their time with a company, from the initial recruitment and hiring process to the end of their employment. ...
Micarli Salomon
By Micarli Salomon
17 January, 2023
1. What is the employee turnover rate? The turnover rate measures the ratio of new recruits to departures, i.e. the percentage of new hires and departures in relation to the number of employees over ...
Daniel Martín
By Daniel Martín
16 November, 2022
Employee experience is an employee-centric way of thinking and takes into consideration workers' perceptions about their journey through all the touchpoints at a particular company. The employee ...